Quality & Environment

Inner and outer diameter are measured inline during core production. Additional randomly measuring of cores by hand with gauges. Lengths up to 3.000 mm are measured with a special digital length measuring system.

Data sheets
are provided for each product. We generally use prime grade material from leading producers.

Recycling instead of waste. Due to plastic’s characteristics, products can be re-used and therefore remarkably reduce waste - sometimes even completely avoid it. In spite of all attempts, waste is not completely avoidable; for special products it can, regounded and sorted homogenously, get re-used on customers´ request.
We generally see to an eco-friendly production, handle resources diligently and utilise even the smallest material reserves. Our machine park is always up to the latest environmental standards and is kept state-of-the-art.


In collaboration with our associate company, we offer a pooling system with foldable plastic boxes in order to reduce waste during cores´ production and packaging . The boxes are cleaned, refurbished, replaced when damaged and returned to use in the pool. Both companies observe strict regulations of the pharmaceutical, hygienic and food industry.